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What Our Customers Say — 4 Comments

  1. The wines and food at the jan14 event were outstanding! I especially liked the roasted Vale Farm flank steak with buttered kale, celery root purée and mushroom sauce and the Nobel Ridge Pinot Noir. Thank you! It was a wonderful evening.

  2. Frank and Caroline, the Feb 18 dinner orchestrated by [wine steward] Guy and [chef extraordinaire] Mathew Morazain was spectacular! Robert and I thoroughly enjoyed the warm atmosphere, the amazing wine and food and the brilliant pairing of the two, and your delightful hosting. It’s hard to decide, but my very favorite pairing might have been the Fried Poppyseed Pound Cake and the ice wine. It was a very memorable evening. I hadn’t thought the Jan 14 dinner could be topped, but it was (maybe because I’m a white wine fan)! Thanks so much for hosting these wonderful events, as well as for your delicious daily fare. Best wishes, Sue

  3. I arrived in Silver Star last week. Yesterday I had my first day snowboarding on the mountain. In my break I went to Bugaboos and had the best cinnamon bun ever! It;s a dangerous place with all those goodies! I will definitely be back!

  4. We were lucky enough to attend the March 15, 2014, wine pairing dinner at Bugaboo’s. I can’t remember when I’ve enjoyed a meal more, unless it was one of Mathew’s previous delights. The B.C. seafood pot pie with tarragon, lemon and chives just melted in my mouth, and I only wish you would make it again sometime in the future. Can’t wait for next year’s offerings.

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